On Becoming a Reader of Books

I know many adults who enjoy YA literature, but today I'm looking at the opposite effect -- that moment when a young person discovers real grown-up lit! Do you remember when you left your kid books behind and started reading novels for adults? I'm pretty sure the summer I turned 14 is when it happened for me. I can't recall much of my early independent reading, but I do remember this dorky French series at my school library about a little elf-type guy called Oui-Oui. Even then, I knew it wasn't any good, but we had mandatory library time and it was what was on offer. Outside of school, I discovered my first Nancy Drew book, The Mystery of the 99 Steps. It had it all -- a feisty female main … [Read more...]

The Longer We Go, the Wrinklier Orgasmier We Get

A friend 15 years my senior once told me that she still feels like she did when she was 30 except that, when she looks in the mirror, she's shocked to see a tired-looking middle-aged woman. I might be starting to understand... Today is my 37th birthday! The alternative to getting older is death so, yay, I’m super happy about this development. … [Read more...]

Grown-ups are Sexy

Last weekend I left the house wearing leggings. As pants! I know, I know, you may judge me harshly. But I did a survey beforehand and my Facebook friends seemed to agree that, because my long top covered the crotch/ass area, I wasn't guilty of a fashion violation. Most even said it was a good look. So out I went to the coffee shop and to run errands. I liked my outfit plus it was super comfortable. But something felt just... off. … [Read more...]