The Season of the Witch

Do you remember the 1980s? I do, and I can tell you with certainty that "beautiful" usually meant bouncy blonde hair, blue eyes, small features, and a wholesome popular girl energy. In other words, cheerleaders were the thing. I was not a cheerleaderesque kid. I was artsy and moody with stringy black hair, large features, and dark eyes. And I sure was not athletic. … [Read more...]

Classic Books by Classy Dames

On Sunday morning as I was lolling in bed feeling half asleep and not at my best (the cliché "I can't party like I used to" had revealed its poignant truth), an interview on CBC Radio with Rebecca Solnit clicked my brain to the "ON" position. In the interview, she said that empathy isn't an emotion, it's an act of the imagination. She explained that stories are what help us to become empathetic … [Read more...]

Handy Guide to Panicking About Women’s Bodies

Do you want to be a scintillating conversationalist at your next dinner party? Would you like to appear impassioned and edgy around your peers and colleagues? Are you a journalist in desperate need of a story that will trend? Here's a short guide that will help you achieve any of these without ever having to open a history book, question your assumptions, or think too deeply about anything. Sound too good to be true? Not at all... … [Read more...]

Livin’ la Vida Childless

"You'll regret it," she said. "At the end of your life, you won't have produced anything of worth." These ugly words poured out of a coworker of mine a few years ago when I told her I didn't want children. I could only conclude that, as a woman, the only thing "of worth" I could possibly offer society was the fruit of my uterus -- a tiny crying human to perpetuate the species. Would she have said the same to a man? I sincerely doubt it. After all, men are expected to … [Read more...]


Hello, I'm Brenda's body and I'm writing a guest blog post today. Brenda's brain is experiencing a bit of overload so she asked me too fill in.Brenda sometimes does what she calls "self-censoring", but a more accurate term would be "auto-censoring". Auto-censoring does not mean limiting what you express, but rather what you consume; you become the censor of your own media. Usually, Brenda auto-censors by … [Read more...]

The Most Important Thing, Ever

I find I'm in a sort of pensive mood lately, both because of a sad event in a friend’s life, and of happy events in my own. So I’m going to write about the one thing that I would want to transmit to a child if I were ever to have one (unlikely). That thing is the importance of trusting your intuition. Call it gut feeling, call it instinct, call it being visited by an angel (really, I won’t judge you); it’s a voice that’s inside everyone and it’s always right. Always. … [Read more...]