8 Travel Tips for Homebodies

It’s that frozen time of year again, the time when I start to look at all-inclusive vacation deals in tropical climates. Alas! This year, we're being responsible and saving our pennies for house repairs rather than spending them on mojitos and sun block. I really can't complain though because I got back not so long ago from a lovely Turkish vacation with my mother. This was the kind of trip I rarely go on, one where nothing was pre-packaged and I organized all of the travel with lots of potential for things going wrong. … [Read more...]

Nature, Prince, and Pig’s Blood

On this, the last day of my mini summer vacation and a few days past my 39th (gah!) birthday, I sit by an open window, a soft breeze blows in despite the oppressive heat outside, and birds, crickets and a buzzing fly provide the soundtrack. Since moving to the country almost one year ago, I've often experienced the strange feeling of being away while at home. It's a summer cottage sensation, a lazy dream state in which my body feels pleasantly heavy, my mind at peace. I look out at the trees and wildflowers and my eyes rest in a way that is impossible in a busy city landscape. It is lovely. … [Read more...]

The Art of Complimenting Women

Hola compañeras, I just got back from another guilt-free lazy-ass vacation, this time in Cuba, and I feel like a little flirty talk. Like many Canadians, I've been to Cuba several times. I've been with family, with friends, last year I went all alone and, this time, accompanied by my par amour. And the thing about Cubans is -- they sure know about flirting and compliments! … [Read more...]

Guilt-free lazy-ass tourism

Warning: If you're the kind of person who doesn't enjoy idle relaxation, just don't read this (go play volleyball, or something). If, on the other hand, the thought of doing nothing but lying around in the heat, reading novels, drinking frothy alcoholic beverages, and floating in the ocean for several days sounds like your idea of heaven, you're ONE OF US. Read on! … [Read more...]