You know how sometimes once you notice something, suddenly it's everywhere? That's what's happening with me and Scotland these days. I don't know if Scotland is having a moment, or if it's just that I'm having a private Scottish renaissance -- I suspect it might be the former. A few years ago, it was all Iceland all the time. Something about that sparsely populated island with the fiercely independent spirit had definitely captured imaginations. And now it feels like Scotland's turn (even if it isn't the most exotic locale for many Canadians). But there is something in the air... and it's not sheep shite. … [Read more...]

Guilt-free lazy-ass tourism

Warning: If you're the kind of person who doesn't enjoy idle relaxation, just don't read this (go play volleyball, or something). If, on the other hand, the thought of doing nothing but lying around in the heat, reading novels, drinking frothy alcoholic beverages, and floating in the ocean for several days sounds like your idea of heaven, you're ONE OF US. Read on! … [Read more...]