My Summer Books

I like any excuse to curl up and spend the day immersed in a good story. Last weekend, for example, it rained rained rained and I read read read. But what I like best is summertime reading. Whether it's beach reading, dock reading, reading outside on a lounger, or hiding inside from a wild summer storm, being with a good book on a hot day and having nothing more important to do is one of the best feelings. … [Read more...]

Nature, Prince, and Pig’s Blood

On this, the last day of my mini summer vacation and a few days past my 39th (gah!) birthday, I sit by an open window, a soft breeze blows in despite the oppressive heat outside, and birds, crickets and a buzzing fly provide the soundtrack. Since moving to the country almost one year ago, I've often experienced the strange feeling of being away while at home. It's a summer cottage sensation, a lazy dream state in which my body feels pleasantly heavy, my mind at peace. I look out at the trees and wildflowers and my eyes rest in a way that is impossible in a busy city landscape. It is lovely. … [Read more...]

Summer Movie Nostalgia

People of summer, welcome. July has been hot, sticky, and way too busy. And now that the heat wave has finally calmed down and the to-do list has shrunk considerably, I just want to be lazy. My vacation is lurking nearby and I’m having daydreams of those fantastic idle years between when I was too young to drive or have a job, and yet too old to waste any energy talking to my parents. All I did every day was … [Read more...]