The Watermelon Dress

Here's a little story about a red dress. It was written for submission to Elle magazine's "The ____ That Changed My Life" contest, the blank being an item of clothing. Everything in this essay really happened; however, I confess that no item of clothing has ever profoundly changed my life. Regardless, please indulge me as I explore one dress that has been with me on a long journey... … [Read more...]

Hot Lips: a 10 step program

Gah! It happens each year and every time I'm not mentally equipped to handle it. WINTER. It seems to be setting in yet again. Last week, there were a couple of days in Ottawa with a -20 Celsius windchill factor (Wordpress is telling me “windchill” is not a word; Wordpress does not know my pain).  For you imperial system holders-on, -20 is -4 Fahrenheit. I wake up in the dark at 6:30 AM and, by the time I leave work at 5 PM, it's already dark again. All around me are sad grey faces wrapped in sad grey coats walking down sad grey streets bordered by sad grey leafless trees. I curse my ancestors for colonising this frozen land! … [Read more...]