The Best of 2016: Beauty among the ruins

If I was the type of person who looks for signs of the apocalypse, 2016 might have blown my mind. As it was, I had to turn off the world from time to time in order to salvage my sanity. The first big shocker was Prince's death. Yes, I know … [Read more...]

Top 5 Reasons the New Ghostbusters is Magic

While I have fond memories of watching the original Ghostbusters at a sleepover party when I was 10 years old, I've never really had the urge to revisit it. So when this new all-female ghost busting movie came out, I was only mildly curious. Then I watched the trailer and thought, hmm, that looks like fun. Well, I went to see it on Sunday with a girlfriend and... OMG I did not know how much I needed this movie … [Read more...]

Bjütie’s Best of 2015

One of the great joys of reaching the end of the year is all of the lists. Best books of the year lists are the best, but I enjoy it all -- worst trends of 2015, best Instagram pics, most underrated internet cats, everything. New beginnings are the best, but looking back fondly comes in a close second. Here are my personal discoveries of 2015 (not all are of 2015, sometimes I'm a bit slow). Best BOOK I read: … [Read more...]

‘Tis the Season for Cheesy Romantic Comedies

It's 4pm, 3 days before xmas, I'm in my pyjamas, I've not bought a single gift, and ice-pellets have turned the sidewalks into a slip-and-slide. I see no reason to get up from the couch, except maybe to get more food. It's the jolliest time of year! … [Read more...]

Summer Movie Nostalgia

People of summer, welcome. July has been hot, sticky, and way too busy. And now that the heat wave has finally calmed down and the to-do list has shrunk considerably, I just want to be lazy. My vacation is lurking nearby and I’m having daydreams of those fantastic idle years between when I was too young to drive or have a job, and yet too old to waste any energy talking to my parents. All I did every day was … [Read more...]

Blurred Nudie Lines

Hey, guess what male pop stars are putting in their video these days... Boobs! Hot on the heels of Robin Thicke's controversial Blurred Lines video, Justin Timberlake has put out an extra-long video for Tunnel Vision featuring, you guessed it, topless ladies. What I have to say about this is -- really? That's all you got? Let me start by stating that I have absolutely nothing against nudity. Whether in music videos, magazines, or on prime-time tv, I'm down with the human body. What I do take issue with is … [Read more...]

Gentlemen Prefer… Malibu Barbie?

"Ladies, meet my MILLIONAIRES!" Patti Stanger shouts before a group of gussied up women in cocktail dresses. Then, in walk the 2 fellows who are millionaires and who now get to pick from the cleavage and hair extension smögåsbord. I find it revolting and yet I can't look away. Yes, my name is Brenda and my guilty pleasure du jour is watching The Millionaire Matchmaker! … [Read more...]


Hello, I'm Brenda's body and I'm writing a guest blog post today. Brenda's brain is experiencing a bit of overload so she asked me too fill in.Brenda sometimes does what she calls "self-censoring", but a more accurate term would be "auto-censoring". Auto-censoring does not mean limiting what you express, but rather what you consume; you become the censor of your own media. Usually, Brenda auto-censors by … [Read more...]