Valentine Love Disaster

Up until last year, I've always been wary of Valentine's Day and with reason. Prior to having met my Monsieur, I'd only had one good Valentine's Day surprise from a boy and I ruined it by giving him a card that said "I love you so much I could shit." Seriously, you can't make this stuff up. … [Read more...]

People Gotta Have Dreams (now shut up and be happy)

Do you feel pressure to be happy? I am irresistibly drawn to anything that promises to make my life better. “Ten ways to wake up feeling good”, “The 12 most energizing foods”, “5 habits that keep you young”… you know I’m clicking on all that! Ironically, instead of giving me awesome tools for living my life, these articles usually leave me feeling stressed out. … [Read more...]

Margaret Wente Just Wants You to Be Happy (because she is)

"If you’re only 26, you won’t believe me. But you’ll see." There I was on Saturday morning in my local coffee shop happily reading the newspaper when it happened. As is my habit, I hit the style section first (I think I read something about boots). Then I opened up the "focus" section and that's where I saw it: Margaret Wente's latest article, The Awful Truth About Being Single. … [Read more...]

Hot Lips: a 10 step program

Gah! It happens each year and every time I'm not mentally equipped to handle it. WINTER. It seems to be setting in yet again. Last week, there were a couple of days in Ottawa with a -20 Celsius windchill factor (Wordpress is telling me “windchill” is not a word; Wordpress does not know my pain).  For you imperial system holders-on, -20 is -4 Fahrenheit. I wake up in the dark at 6:30 AM and, by the time I leave work at 5 PM, it's already dark again. All around me are sad grey faces wrapped in sad grey coats walking down sad grey streets bordered by sad grey leafless trees. I curse my ancestors for colonising this frozen land! … [Read more...]