Ambivalent Advice from a 40 Year Old

Here I am, I am 40. This didn't happen today but a few weeks ago. I had fully intended, in the days leading up to my July birthday, to write a brilliantly insightful post about getting older, imparting all the wonderful wisdom of my 40 years. Ha! Staring at the screen in defeat, I was forced to admit that I was more confused than ever. … [Read more...]

Life is Long — Hurrah!

There we were on a muggy Saturday morning lounging on my second floor balcony in our underwear, feeling pretty relaxed. After some gentle encouragement, I got up to make us some coffee. As always, I poured whipping cream into the mugs. That's when Mon Amour told me that, prior to meeting me, he never put cream in his coffee, but that now he wouldn't pass it up. "Life is too short to drink skim milk!" I boldly proclaimed. … [Read more...]