Life is Long — Hurrah!

There we were on a muggy Saturday morning lounging on my second floor balcony in our underwear, feeling pretty relaxed. After some gentle encouragement, I got up to make us some coffee. As always, I poured whipping cream into the mugs. That's when Mon Amour told me that, prior to meeting me, he never put cream in his coffee, but that now he wouldn't pass it up. "Life is too short to drink skim milk!" I boldly proclaimed. … [Read more...]

People Gotta Have Dreams (now shut up and be happy)

Do you feel pressure to be happy? I am irresistibly drawn to anything that promises to make my life better. “Ten ways to wake up feeling good”, “The 12 most energizing foods”, “5 habits that keep you young”… you know I’m clicking on all that! Ironically, instead of giving me awesome tools for living my life, these articles usually leave me feeling stressed out. … [Read more...]