Top 5 Reasons the New Ghostbusters is Magic

While I have fond memories of watching the original Ghostbusters at a sleepover party when I was 10 years old, I've never really had the urge to revisit it. So when this new all-female ghost busting movie came out, I was only mildly curious. Then I watched the trailer and thought, hmm, that looks like fun. Well, I went to see it on Sunday with a girlfriend and... OMG I did not know how much I needed this movie … [Read more...]

Disturbing Movies of the 1980s

There's a real oddness at the core of many of the films from my childhood. Was I just young and impressionable or did the movies of the 1980s often delve into the disturbing side of life... sometimes in a very goofy way? It's almost as if filmmakers of the 80s enjoyed exploring dark, unsettling themes, and yet couldn't take them too seriously. The other main theme that comes up often, of course, is class division, often with a love story woven in.  On this Halloween day, the very best of all the holidays, I'd like to revisit some of the strange and wonderful movies of my youth. … [Read more...]

When Ugly People Make Beauty

Lucian Freud is amazing. Lucian Freud makes me sick. I wanted to wait until I finished reading the biography Breakfast with Lucian before writing this post, but I think I’ve had to give up on that dream. I started reading it in January and have since set it aside several times in frustration. He was an absolutely fascinating character whose passion for his work drove him wholly, and yet the way he conducted his friendships and love affairs was revolting. His treatment of women … [Read more...]

‘Tis the Season for Cheesy Romantic Comedies

It's 4pm, 3 days before xmas, I'm in my pyjamas, I've not bought a single gift, and ice-pellets have turned the sidewalks into a slip-and-slide. I see no reason to get up from the couch, except maybe to get more food. It's the jolliest time of year! … [Read more...]

Summer Movie Nostalgia

People of summer, welcome. July has been hot, sticky, and way too busy. And now that the heat wave has finally calmed down and the to-do list has shrunk considerably, I just want to be lazy. My vacation is lurking nearby and I’m having daydreams of those fantastic idle years between when I was too young to drive or have a job, and yet too old to waste any energy talking to my parents. All I did every day was … [Read more...]

Best Boxing [Day] Movies

Well, it looks like you've all survived xmas -- congratulations! I had a lovely relaxing time that involved exactly zero shopping, so hurray for me. Today is Boxing Day. That name always has perplexed me; it has something to do with boxes... Empty boxes that used to hold presents? Full boxes because we're putting away xmas stuff? I'm not too sure. But, of course, it also reminds me of that other boxing, the one where people punch one another for others' entertainment and profit.  … [Read more...]