I wrote about Soul Mates

I submitted a guest blog post! Check it out on the Single Dating Diva: What It’s Like When You Finally Meet THE ONE. … [Read more...]

Dating, Internet Style

Online dating. Those 2 words can provoke intense reactions from the women in my life! Everything from fear (the ones who've never tried meeting random strangers online) to disgust (the ones who've been there, done that, and given up) to embarrassment (the ones who met their mate there) can be expected. I sympathize. Two things happened recently to make me revisit my own gone but not forgotten days of scrolling for dudes on the interweb: a couple of my friends have asked for my guidance as they dive in and give it a try, and I attended the wedding of a friend who met her terrific husband online. Full disclosure: I did not meet my beau on an internet dating site. But I did go on … [Read more...]

Gentlemen Prefer… Malibu Barbie?

"Ladies, meet my MILLIONAIRES!" Patti Stanger shouts before a group of gussied up women in cocktail dresses. Then, in walk the 2 fellows who are millionaires and who now get to pick from the cleavage and hair extension smögåsbord. I find it revolting and yet I can't look away. Yes, my name is Brenda and my guilty pleasure du jour is watching The Millionaire Matchmaker! … [Read more...]

3 Things = Love

It all started with what a friend and I call "The Scary Book". Some time last year, she told me she was reading a book that made her want to say "yes" to a date with a marginally employed hipster artist dude when she previously had no interest in dating him. Given that this particular friend had very little interest in dating at all, never mind dating guys with less-than-stellar prospects, I was curious. … [Read more...]

The Feminist and the Cowboy — Book Club, 4th ed.

Yeehaw, giddyup -- that's how I feel about this book. At times it angered me, at other times I was nodding my head in agreement, and the rest of the time I just wanted to pour the author a nice soothing cup of tea and tell her to relax. The feminist of the title is author Alisa Valdes, a 40-something divorced mom. The cowboy is an older, rather conservative ranch manager. This memoir … [Read more...]

Margaret Wente Just Wants You to Be Happy (because she is)

"If you’re only 26, you won’t believe me. But you’ll see." There I was on Saturday morning in my local coffee shop happily reading the newspaper when it happened. As is my habit, I hit the style section first (I think I read something about boots). Then I opened up the "focus" section and that's where I saw it: Margaret Wente's latest article, The Awful Truth About Being Single. … [Read more...]

On Cookies and Sex

"The crumbs of love that you offer me, they're the crumbs I've left behind" -- Leonard Cohen (Avalanche). Ladies, let's talk about dating and all the oh-so helpful advice out there for us. During most of my 20s and 30s, I'd been single. And I have gone on a lot of dates. It probably hasn't been quite that many, but I feel like I've been on at least 100 lame first dates (plus about 5 awesome ones)! Yeah, I'm bored and I'm tired. … [Read more...]

The Most Important Thing, Ever

I find I'm in a sort of pensive mood lately, both because of a sad event in a friend’s life, and of happy events in my own. So I’m going to write about the one thing that I would want to transmit to a child if I were ever to have one (unlikely). That thing is the importance of trusting your intuition. Call it gut feeling, call it instinct, call it being visited by an angel (really, I won’t judge you); it’s a voice that’s inside everyone and it’s always right. Always. … [Read more...]