When to Follow the Dream (and when to give up)

Bloody serious I lived in fear of having to clap. Flamenco, that passionate, heartbreaking dance was kicking my butt. A dream since I was a teen had been to learn this exotic dance. And here I was -- I knew the steps, but the rhythms were an unsolvable mystery. My worst nightmare became being asked to do palmas! I had started taking flamenco dance classes before a trip to the Andalucía region of Spain … [Read more...]

People Gotta Have Dreams (now shut up and be happy)

Do you feel pressure to be happy? I am irresistibly drawn to anything that promises to make my life better. “Ten ways to wake up feeling good”, “The 12 most energizing foods”, “5 habits that keep you young”… you know I’m clicking on all that! Ironically, instead of giving me awesome tools for living my life, these articles usually leave me feeling stressed out. … [Read more...]

Watch Like There’s Somebody Dancing

Tell the truth -- you dance alone in your living room when there’s nobody watching and, in your mind, you totally look like one of those bouncy dancing silhouettes in the iPod ads. A lot of people say they don’t dance or they don’t know how to dance, but I suspect that everyone secretly does dance at some point. It seems like a basic impulse, to move your body to a beat in a manner that expresses joy… or pain. … [Read more...]

Off Beat and Off Key: Not Perfect and Liking It

“Sometiiimes I feel I’ve got to” *boop boop* “Run away I’ve got to” *boop boop* “Get away…” It was Saturday night and there I was with a friend belting out Soft Cell’s Tainted Love in front of a packed room of karaoke lovers. And you know, I don’t suck as badly as those foolishly brave ladies who attempt Céline Dion or Whitney Huston ballads … [Read more...]

Bjütie will save the world! [maybe]

The gloomy Russian author, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, is credited with floating the idea that beauty will save the world in his story, The Idiot. Full disclosure: I've never read Dostoyevsky (bad librarian, bad!). But I love this idea that beauty can perhaps conceivably change the world for the better. … [Read more...]