Clothed is the New Naked

That's right, cover it up! Fall is here and, suddenly, bare skin is just so yesterday. Those legs beg to be encased in thick denim and the entire body yearns to be wrapped in something warm and, preferably, dark. What once seemed playful, a pink bra strap peeking out, say, or a sliver of visible skin … [Read more...]

Style as Armour

The fall fashion issues are out and I’ve been devouring them! Even though I love summer and would prefer to forget that icy sidewalks were ever a part of my life, I’m always excited for the September issues (of Elle and Vogue, in particular). There’s something about coats, long sleeved sweaters and boots in black, navy, and other rich colours that feels exciting. After 3 months of bare legs and hot pink (which strangely turned out to be my preferred colour for the summer), I must admit to missing … [Read more...]