When Ugly People Make Beauty

Lucian Freud is amazing. Lucian Freud makes me sick. I wanted to wait until I finished reading the biography Breakfast with Lucian before writing this post, but I think I’ve had to give up on that dream. I started reading it in January and have since set it aside several times in frustration. He was an absolutely fascinating character whose passion for his work drove him wholly, and yet the way he conducted his friendships and love affairs was revolting. His treatment of women … [Read more...]

Watch Like There’s Somebody Dancing

Tell the truth -- you dance alone in your living room when there’s nobody watching and, in your mind, you totally look like one of those bouncy dancing silhouettes in the iPod ads. A lot of people say they don’t dance or they don’t know how to dance, but I suspect that everyone secretly does dance at some point. It seems like a basic impulse, to move your body to a beat in a manner that expresses joy… or pain. … [Read more...]

Kiki, Oui Oui! (Book Club, 5th ed.)

It fascinates and enchants me. Le Violion d'Ingres, a photo of a nude woman as a violin, draws me in like few other works of art. The artist, Man Ray, is a favourite of mine, but I never thought to find out who the model was. Imagine my delight when I saw there was a graphic novel (graphic biography?) about Kiki de Montparnasse … [Read more...]