Classic Books by Classy Dames

On Sunday morning as I was lolling in bed feeling half asleep and not at my best (the cliché "I can't party like I used to" had revealed its poignant truth), an interview on CBC Radio with Rebecca Solnit clicked my brain to the "ON" position. In the interview, she said that empathy isn't an emotion, it's an act of the imagination. She explained that stories are what help us to become empathetic … [Read more...]

Be Real Sexy

First, a little digression -- I think my brain imploded last week due to the media reportage of the VMAs and of one particular starlet whose booty popping antics created a storm. I did not read even one article on this topic, and yet I have felt bombarded by the coverage. So before diving into my topic, I would like to challenge the feminist media to NOT RESPOND to the hype … [Read more...]

8 Things I Learned from Jenna Marbles

Jenna who? If you're asking yourself this question then you likely are not a teenaged girl. That's ok, neither am I. Let me explain... Jenna Marbles is sort of like the Buffy Summers (a.k.a Buffy the Vampire Slayer) of the vlogosphere. Despite looking like the stereotypical "hot chick" (in fact, she's worked as a bar promo girl and gogo dancer), she dramatically defies expectations. She may not be slaying vampires and saving the world (yet), but … [Read more...]

Kiki, Oui Oui! (Book Club, 5th ed.)

It fascinates and enchants me. Le Violion d'Ingres, a photo of a nude woman as a violin, draws me in like few other works of art. The artist, Man Ray, is a favourite of mine, but I never thought to find out who the model was. Imagine my delight when I saw there was a graphic novel (graphic biography?) about Kiki de Montparnasse … [Read more...]

Book Club, 1st edition: Sex and the Single Girl!

It's 2012, so why am I writing about a 1962 book that calls itself "the unmarried woman's guide to men"? Because I still think it's one of the greatest things around! When author, and famed Cosmopolitan magazine editor, Helen Gurley Brown died in August at the age of 90, my immediate reaction was to dig up my old copy of Sex and the Single Girl. I was never a huge fan of Cosmo, except during a brief period in my early 20s, but both the book and the magazine were important in that they reflected, and maybe even shaped, changing attitudes toward women and sex. … [Read more...]

10 Reasons Lady Gaga is Extra Lovable

1) Ra-ra-ra ah-ah-ah, roma-ah-ah-ah, Gaga oolala... Dang those songs are catchy. I just wanna dance! 2) She’s been playing the piano since forever and came up playing gigs. You know, like a real musician that hasn't been plucked from obscurity, groomed by record execs, then unleashed on the world ready-made? And the Lady does not lip sync, yo. 3) Gaga is hyper aware of the celebrity machine. She plays the game, but she makes the rules; the media has no choice but to play along. … [Read more...]