About Brenda

photo-2Nicknames: Bella, “B”

Born in: Quebec City, Quebec, CANADA

Living in: Wakefield, Quebec, CANADA

Profession: librarian (I have a degree in women’s studies and one in library science. I’ve also studied photography and art history, and I spent some years doing makeup for a living. All this means I have many interests and very little expertise! In the library world, we call this being a “generalist”.)

Mother tongue: français

Addictions: coffee, fashion magazines, Greek yoghurt, bronzing powder

Pets: 3 cats — Shmoo, a beautiful fluffy brown tabby who has been my companion since 2007. Blanche, a white flecked with black petite cat whose loyalty is to my mate. Kali, a young short-haired tabby rescued from the wilds of Edelweiss; she is super affectionate and always hungry.

Temperament: quiet, outgoing, moody, silly

Likes: dancing, soul music, dining out, reading, daydreaming, tropical climates, furry animals

Dislikes: camping, complainers, chain restaurants, sudden loud noises

Astrological sign: cancer, fire dragon

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