Top 5 Reasons the New Ghostbusters is Magic

While I have fond memories of watching the original Ghostbusters at a sleepover party when I was 10 years old, I’ve never really had the urge to revisit it. So when this new all-female ghost busting movie came out, I was only mildly curious. Then I watched the trailer and thought, hmm, that looks like fun. Well, I went to see it on Sunday with a girlfriend and… OMG I did not know how much I needed this movie but I really really did. We all need this movie!!!

Here’s why–

  1. Four Women Not Defined By Family/Romantic Relations: Not only does this film feature 4 women in leading roles, but none are in any way defined by family or romantic ties. Get this– Two are ENGINEERS, one is a PHYSICIST, the other is a NYC TRANSIT WORKER. What!? They aren’t magazine editors, or tv producers, looking for love? They aren’t all sisters, or cousins, or mothers and daughters, working through their complicated family history? No m’am. They are friends and colleagues who are passionate about their work. Point final.

    Abby (Melissa McCarthy), Erin (Kristen Wiig), Holtzmann (Kate McKinnon) and Patty (Leslie Jones) in Columbia Pictures'S GHOSTBUSTERS.

    Abby (Melissa McCarthy), Erin (Kristen Wiig), Holtzmann (Kate McKinnon) and Patty (Leslie Jones) in 2016’s Ghostbusters (Columbia Pictures)

  2. They Look Like… Grown Ass Women: Like Bridesmaids before it, this film puts real women on the big screen. Look, I’m not insinuating that mega toned actresses with faces full of chemical fillers and plumpers are not real; it’s just that in my life, this is not what people look like. It gets pretty tiring looking at all the weirdly polished creatures because it forces my eyes to accept as normal something that is in no way a part of my reality. Here we have leading ladies whose BMIs might be over 25, and I’m pretty sure I saw a forehead wrinkle or two (and I didn’t recoil in horror, imagine!).
  3. a) They are Superheroes: Despite being regular gals like you and me, these women kick some serious butt! And they do it…
    b) In Comfortable Clothes: Nothing against chicks in skin-tight rubber catsuits, but if I was going to go fight baddies, I would want freedom of movement and the ability to pee without having to peel off some stiff painted-on body suit. These ghost fighting ladies wear pretty much the exact same thing the men wore in the first movie. This should not be revolutionary, but, sadly, I’m pretty sure that in the minds of most Hollywood producers, it is basically unthinkable.
  4. Objectification, No Way: The only character that is sexualized in any way in this film is the receptionist, a man, in a fun play on all the dumb blondes we’ve ever seen in every movie ever made.

    Wax figure of Holtzmann at Madam Tussauds' (NYC)

    Wax figure of Holtzmann at Madam Tussauds’ (NYC)

  5. Kate McKinnon as Holtzmann: The four leads are hilarious, but McKinnon takes it to the next level by being all out silly and weird. (The ‘Rhythm of the Night’ scene had me howling.) What is most awesome about Holtzmann is that she is an unapologetic geek. She gets 100% absorbed in her work, takes tons of risks inventing new machines, and she is never more excited than when showing off the gear she has cooked up. Also, being young, slim, and blonde, out of the four, she most closely reads as conventionally attractive, yet she goes full mad scientist with her performance, pulling faces and dressing like a Victorian gentleman of leisure. She is amazing to watch.

I know, a movie about four women being awesome should not be notable or unusual in this day and age. And yet, it is. Gosh darn it, it was sweet to walk out of a theatre having enjoyed 2 hours of good fun while not having absorbed the message, somewhere deep in my sub-psyche, that I should lose weight, dress cuter, and never ever age. In fact, I walked out feeling like maybe I should go solder some wires together in my garage. Mouahahaa, watch out world!



  1. Now I REALLY want to see it!!


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