How to Rock a Bow Tie and a Mo: Q&A with Dan

We're standing side by side facing the mirror as he expertly gives me a tutorial on how to tie a bow tie. The ties are soft woollen ones and very malleable. Nevertheless, I fear that I'm destroying mine with my torturous manipulation of the fabric. In the end, I do manage to tie something around my neck that is recognizably a bow. But if there was such a thing as the … [Read more...]

The Solitude Manifesto

In my fantasy life, I am a grande flâneuse (one who idles; see flâneur). I spend my time languidly sipping coffee and I perhaps run an occasional errand so that my cat and I don't starve. I read fashion magazines in cafés, or I just people watch. I write a little, I read a lot. I gaze at pretty things in shop windows as I stroll along. In dark movie theatres, I sit alone letting myself be absorbed by … [Read more...]