Handy Guide to Panicking About Women’s Bodies

Do you want to be a scintillating conversationalist at your next dinner party? Would you like to appear impassioned and edgy around your peers and colleagues? Are you a journalist in desperate need of a story that will trend? Here's a short guide that will help you achieve any of these without ever having to open a history book, question your assumptions, or think too deeply about anything. Sound too good to be true? Not at all... … [Read more...]

Be Real Sexy

First, a little digression -- I think my brain imploded last week due to the media reportage of the VMAs and of one particular starlet whose booty popping antics created a storm. I did not read even one article on this topic, and yet I have felt bombarded by the coverage. So before diving into my topic, I would like to challenge the feminist media to NOT RESPOND to the hype … [Read more...]