Style as Armour

The fall fashion issues are out and I’ve been devouring them! Even though I love summer and would prefer to forget that icy sidewalks were ever a part of my life, I’m always excited for the September issues (of Elle and Vogue, in particular). There’s something about coats, long sleeved sweaters and boots in black, navy, and other rich colours that feels exciting. After 3 months of bare legs and hot pink (which strangely turned out to be my preferred colour for the summer), I must admit to missing … [Read more...]

Life is Long — Hurrah!

There we were on a muggy Saturday morning lounging on my second floor balcony in our underwear, feeling pretty relaxed. After some gentle encouragement, I got up to make us some coffee. As always, I poured whipping cream into the mugs. That's when Mon Amour told me that, prior to meeting me, he never put cream in his coffee, but that now he wouldn't pass it up. "Life is too short to drink skim milk!" I boldly proclaimed. … [Read more...]