Summer Movie Nostalgia

People of summer, welcome. July has been hot, sticky, and way too busy. And now that the heat wave has finally calmed down and the to-do list has shrunk considerably, I just want to be lazy. My vacation is lurking nearby and I’m having daydreams of those fantastic idle years between when I was too young to drive or have a job, and yet too old to waste any energy talking to my parents. All I did every day was … [Read more...]

Blurred Nudie Lines

Hey, guess what male pop stars are putting in their video these days... Boobs! Hot on the heels of Robin Thicke's controversial Blurred Lines video, Justin Timberlake has put out an extra-long video for Tunnel Vision featuring, you guessed it, topless ladies. What I have to say about this is -- really? That's all you got? Let me start by stating that I have absolutely nothing against nudity. Whether in music videos, magazines, or on prime-time tv, I'm down with the human body. What I do take issue with is … [Read more...]

The Longer We Go, the Wrinklier Orgasmier We Get

A friend 15 years my senior once told me that she still feels like she did when she was 30 except that, when she looks in the mirror, she's shocked to see a tired-looking middle-aged woman. I might be starting to understand... Today is my 37th birthday! The alternative to getting older is death so, yay, I’m super happy about this development. … [Read more...]