Grown-ups are Sexy

Last weekend I left the house wearing leggings. As pants! I know, I know, you may judge me harshly. But I did a survey beforehand and my Facebook friends seemed to agree that, because my long top covered the crotch/ass area, I wasn't guilty of a fashion violation. Most even said it was a good look. So out I went to the coffee shop and to run errands. I liked my outfit plus it was super comfortable. But something felt just... off. … [Read more...]

Livin’ la Vida Childless

"You'll regret it," she said. "At the end of your life, you won't have produced anything of worth." These ugly words poured out of a coworker of mine a few years ago when I told her I didn't want children. I could only conclude that, as a woman, the only thing "of worth" I could possibly offer society was the fruit of my uterus -- a tiny crying human to perpetuate the species. Would she have said the same to a man? I sincerely doubt it. After all, men are expected to … [Read more...]

Watch Like There’s Somebody Dancing

Tell the truth -- you dance alone in your living room when there’s nobody watching and, in your mind, you totally look like one of those bouncy dancing silhouettes in the iPod ads. A lot of people say they don’t dance or they don’t know how to dance, but I suspect that everyone secretly does dance at some point. It seems like a basic impulse, to move your body to a beat in a manner that expresses joy… or pain. … [Read more...]