YOU with the Bikini Body

Warning, the topic I'm about to tackle may leave you shaken, feeling pale and insecure, and could bring on a life crisis that makes you swear to live "clean" like Gwyneth Paltrow from now on (or at least for an entire morning).  Yes, I'm talking about bathing suit shopping! Wait -- this is a good thing... It actually appears to be springtime in Canada after many months of gloom and despair. I've noticed that people are leaving their cubicles at lunch time, going outside, and turning their faces toward the sun like sad little plants kept too long in the dark. So let's not let a little deathly fluorescent mall lighting, some cellulite, and horribly inconsistent sizing get between us and … [Read more...]

The Art of Complimenting Women

Hola compañeras, I just got back from another guilt-free lazy-ass vacation, this time in Cuba, and I feel like a little flirty talk. Like many Canadians, I've been to Cuba several times. I've been with family, with friends, last year I went all alone and, this time, accompanied by my par amour. And the thing about Cubans is -- they sure know about flirting and compliments! … [Read more...]

Give Dick a Chance

She did it again! Margaret Wente lured me into her column with another snappy title; this time it was "What you won't learn about marriage in gender studies." I didn't think gender studies was supposed to teach me anything about marriage particularly, so I couldn't help but read the thing. … [Read more...]

3 Things = Love

It all started with what a friend and I call "The Scary Book". Some time last year, she told me she was reading a book that made her want to say "yes" to a date with a marginally employed hipster artist dude when she previously had no interest in dating him. Given that this particular friend had very little interest in dating at all, never mind dating guys with less-than-stellar prospects, I was curious. … [Read more...]