Oscars 2013: Best and Worst Dressed

I did it! This year, I did something I haven’t been able to stomach doing since 2010 — I watched the Academy Awards. For once, I didn’t watch it on my old junky tv that makes even the most intricately beaded, subtly hued dress look like a plain black frock, no! I watched it on a friend’s new high-definition wide-screen television that allowed me to see every bead, every sequin, and every single one of Liam Neeson’s hair plugs.

Before I get to the fashions, let me just state that I know everyone will say how terrible the Oscars have become, how inappropriate Seth MacFarlane was as host, but I actually think the tribute to music in film was a nice attempt at bringing back that old Hollywood vibe and that MacFarlane, though clearly a Hollywood outsider, seemed relaxed and kept things moving at a good pace.

Halle Berry in Versace(Popsugar)

Halle Berry in Versace


Now, on to the fashions! The big trend this year was sparkle. Almost every dress was sequined, or had crystal beading, or was metallic.

I didn’t notice any hair trends for the ladies, but there was a major facial hair epidemic among the men. George Clooney, Hugh Jackman (who should never cover up that face!), Ben Affleck, Bradley Cooper, and the list goes on — they were all sporting nicely trimmed yet full beards. I just Googled “Oscar beards”, you should try it. These dudes seem a bit late on the beard trend; hipsters have been doing it for years. Will they all show up with moustaches next year? Let’s hope not.

One last trend to note: classic makeup. Almost every lady was done up either in a red lip/defined black liner classic pairing, like Jessica Chastain, or in a soft smoky eye with neutral pink lip, like Jennifer Lawrence. It’s hard to argue with either of those looks, they are beautiful.

Best Dressed

  1. Halle Berry: This was, by far, my favourite look of the night. First of all, Halle Berry is a goddess, I think we all know that. No mortal ever looked this good. Secondly, she didn’t play it safe. Her Versace dress was created in the spirit of the Bond Girl (she presented a Bond music tribute). It had a bold geometric Art Nouveau style print, volume on the shoulders, and attitude all over it. Bravo! Also, her faux-hawkesque do was pretty cool. 
  2. Jane Fonda: Hello yellow! Again, the Lady Fonda did not play it safe. That colour was bold and the chevron pattern at the waist was very flattering. This was also Versace and a little deco too.

    Jane Fonda in Versace (New York Magazine)

    Jane Fonda in Versace (New York Magazine)

  3. Kerry Washington: We don’t see the colour coral often at award ceremonies and that’s a shame. Check out Kerry Washington’s Miu Miu dress which was a strapless column but not at all boring. The bodice had gorgeous intricate beading that looked like it belonged under the sea… in a good way!
  4. Salma Hayek: I have to say, I think Hayek took one of the biggest risks with her outfit. It was a simple black velour halter, but the neck area was majorly bejewelled in a way that could have looked very heavy. She cleverly paired it with high sculptural hair and the whole thing had vertical momentum — great for a such a little person. Also, I get the feeling that this is a lady who knows who she is and she works it.

    Salma Hayek in Alexander McQueen (New York Magazine)

    Salma Hayek in Alexander McQueen
    (New York Magazine)

  5. Jessica Chastain: I’m sure lots of folks will choose this as their favourite. She looked classic, her crystal beaded toffee/bronze dress matched her hair, and it was super flattering. What’s not to love?
  6. Charlize Theron: Another diety, Charlize would look good in almost anything, but she looked especially stunning in this white Dior couture gown. There was something about the geometrical neckline and the sparkly peplum that seemed easy and whimsical paired with her new pixie hair.
  7. Naomi Watts: This could have been a bad tin foil column dress but the space-aged one-shouldered detail made it a silver sequined dream.
  8. Jamie Foxx: Let’s not forget the lads! The man wore a grey tux with a sparkly bow tie. And he brought his daughter to the party. I’m pretty sure Kelly Rowland slipped him her number on the red carpet and I don’t blame her.
  9. Rebecca Miller: Wife of winner Daniel Day Lewis and accomplished person in her own right, Rebecca was poise and sophistication embodied in a classic black lace gown. When I grow up, I want to be like her.
  10. Adele: Though I thought her rendition of the Bond theme was a little lacklustre (especially in comparison to Shirley Bassey’s Goldfinger earlier in the night), her red carpet look hit the mark. The black sparkly lace dress was simple, form-fitting, and perfectly styled with Adele’s big hair and dramatic makeup.

Best Makeup: Adele! The girl knows that more is more, and then you still need to put on your false lashes. She even changed her lipstick from neutral to deep red at the end of the night.

Best Hair: Charlize Theron’s hair made everyone else seem stupid for not having chopped off all of theirs.

Anne Hathaway in Prada (StyleFrizz)

Anne Hathaway in Prada

Worst Dressed

  1. Barbara Streisand: Everything she wears (everything!) is off the shoulder. Then there was the choker, and the many gold strands around her neck, and the hand jewellery. And the matching gold nails. And the long witchy sleeves. Just. Stop. 
  2. The non-celebs: Someone named Brenda Chapman won for the animated film Brave. While I appreciate that she was trying to represent her movie, it looked far too much like a costume. Then there was this. Makeup artist Lisa Westcott wore pink tights to the Oscars. Enough said.
  3. Octavia Spencer: She seems extremely likeable so I wish she’d have picked something with less tulle. A lot less tulle.
  4. Kristen Stewart: Poor dear, she’s already super awkward most of the time and, to top things off, she had a sprained something-or-other and was limping on the Oscar stage. The ill-fitting dress with tissue-like bits hanging off didn’t help though. Neither did the dishevelled hair.
  5. Sally Field: Ruffles and pleats, oh my!
  6. Nicole Kidman: This mega-sequined dress should have looked amazing, but it didn’t. It sort of made her look like an oil slick. I think it just overpowered her.
  7. Jennifer Aniston: It’s not the dress, it’s the styling. She wore a bold red ball gown, but she wore it with the same limp hair and neutral makeup she always wears. This dress needed an updo and a lip! Check out Amanda Seyfried in a similar colour for the Les Mis performance — drama! Yes!
  8. Quentin Tarantino: I appreciate the leather tie, but it was hanging loose over an open collar (even on the red carpet — it wasn’t a gradual relaxing during the evening, he showed up like that). Did he even brush his hair?
  9. Anne Hathaway: She looked super cute with her short hair and her always pretty face. But… she was wearing an apron. A fancy Prada apron, but an apron nonetheless.
  10. Catherine Zeta-Jones: There’s always at least one celebrity that shows up wearing Roman armour.

Worst Hair: Melissa McCarthy wore a grey drapey dress that suited her shape perfectly, but then ruined it with her extremely big hair. Melissa, look to Adele…

Worst Makeup: Renee Zellweger, please hire someone to do your makeup next time.

I’m sure you’ve noticed the absences of Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams from this list. I think they both looked beautiful but they both seemed a bit overwhelmed by their enormous ballgowns. Jennifer Lawrence actually fell going up the stairs to accept her Oscar! I’m thinking she’ll opt for a lot less volume next time (and maybe a less bridal vibe too?). I do appreciate the attempt at drama though, and I’ll take too much dress over boring column gowns any day.

So wow, there we have it. What are your thoughts on the Oscars in general and on the celebrity styles?


  1. I noticed that people were generally less skinny and mega-toned compared to what I’m seeing which I loved (with the exception of Samantha what’s her face from Les Mis whose body is ridiculously perfect).

    I was concerned about the number of bustiers hanging off of women’s chests. I don’t understand why they were not fitting better (Kristen Stewart, Charlize, and Naomi Watts).

    Anyhoo that is my two cents. I don’t usually watch either and also got to watch on a big screen. I did not like that tiny woman with the bun!

  2. “…please hire someone to do your makeup next time.” Really?

  3. I enjoyed the show. I liked most of the dresses, but you did make some good points.

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