To Ink or Not to Ink

When did everyone and their mom start getting tattoos?! I think I recall it was some time during the 1990s. Last winter, I read an excellent novel by Jennifer Egan called A Visit From the Goon Squad. The narrative jumps back and forth within a chunk of time starting in the 1970s and into the near future (sounds gimmicky but it works). In the future bits, the young adults do not have any piercings or tattoos … [Read more...]

Margaret Wente Just Wants You to Be Happy (because she is)

"If you’re only 26, you won’t believe me. But you’ll see." There I was on Saturday morning in my local coffee shop happily reading the newspaper when it happened. As is my habit, I hit the style section first (I think I read something about boots). Then I opened up the "focus" section and that's where I saw it: Margaret Wente's latest article, The Awful Truth About Being Single. … [Read more...]

Guilt-free lazy-ass tourism

Warning: If you're the kind of person who doesn't enjoy idle relaxation, just don't read this (go play volleyball, or something). If, on the other hand, the thought of doing nothing but lying around in the heat, reading novels, drinking frothy alcoholic beverages, and floating in the ocean for several days sounds like your idea of heaven, you're ONE OF US. Read on! … [Read more...]

New Year: Excitingly Fresh?

I’m not sure whether anyone that’s met me would describe me as an optimist. The reason for this is that I, unfortunately, share the disease of my tribe (The Librarians): Spot-the-problemitis. An analytical mind that cannot be turned off, except very rarely and just long enough to enjoy some chick lit, makes for humans that are not only a bit annoying, but also rather glass-half-empty at times. … [Read more...]