Happy x-mas for Freaks!

Yay Halloween, it’s my favourite holiday. New Year’s Eve comes in a close second with its promise of new beginnings, but Halloween wins on the strength of its extravagant strangeness.

I’ve always loved dressing up. I remember my first day in kindergarten; many kids were upset, crying, and wanting their mommy. But I was positively joyful! My teachers were my mom’s friends (she is a kindergarten teacher to this day) so they weren’t frightening. And I got to spend the entire half-day in the dress-up centre. When my parents arrived, I didn’t want to leave! I want to stay with the costumes, please.

Last year’s costume

Not surprisingly, I ended up working for a time, during my 20s, as a makeup artist. I’ve always loved the power of transformation. It’s like magic; when you get tired of your last transformation, you can just transform again!

Which brings me to Halloween… I haven’t quite figured out why I’m drawn to the macabre, but that’s definitely part of the day’s appeal. But I think it’s mostly the fact that everyone gets to explore their creativity through costuming. I went out on Saturday night, first to a friend’s place, then dancing in a bar. The couple hosting the party was dressed as Bob Ross and Happy Little Tree — How awesome is that?! Another friend’s Crazy Cat Lady costume was so convincing that it was a bit unnerving (maybe it was seeing my future so clearly that was disquieting… I’m completely joking, of course… urm).

This year’s costume: Sugar Skull

Then walking through a student area to get to the bus stop, I saw a pack of dinosaurs, and a band of pirates! Well done university students: A+. Later, at the club, strangers approached one another and complimented each other’s costumes. And that may be my very favourite aspect of Halloween: everyone gets to be something completely removed from their job, their status, their normal physical appearance, and even their name. It’s a night of self-expression and freedom from the boring trappings of life.

One last thing — Perhaps the weirdest part of Halloween is that children, CHILDREN, get dressed up as all kinds of scary, morbid things, like witches, demons, and Justin Bieber. And then they’re allowed to take candy! From STRANGERS!!! Yesss.

Happy Halloween!


  1. Yeah, Halloween is great.

  2. Your make-up is totally amazing! Great job, girl! I love Halloween too—I’m such a kid at heart.

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