Bjütie will save the world! [maybe]

One of my favourite photographs: Tears by Man Ray

The gloomy Russian author, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, is credited with floating the idea that beauty will save the world in his story, The Idiot. Full disclosure: I’ve never read Dostoyevsky (bad librarian, bad!). But I love this idea that beauty can perhaps conceivably change the world for the better.

I know what you’re thinking — surely there are more world-savingish type things out there. Maybe renewable energy will save the world, or microloans, or maybe organic farming will save the world. Or maybe meditation! Or yoga! Yoga will definitely save the world. Ouch, it’s too overwhelming; now my brain hurts.  Let’s get back to beauty…

I think it’s possible that anything that inspires, anything that makes a person want to create, or even just passively enjoy, can be called beauty. For some people beauty may indeed be found in a crop of organic apples. Why not? For me, dancing is what most makes my heart jump for joy. Even dancing alone in my bedroom, or watching a YouTube clip of amazing dancers, can turn my mood around if I’m feeling blah. That’s beauty!

This dance duo blew me away when I saw them perform in Ottawa

So Bjütie is my way of starting a discussion about those things that inspire. I do love the frivolity of fashion and makeup, but this is not a product review or shopping site (shopping will NOT save the world!). I hope to share my passion for books, the arts, ideas, and amazing people here.


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