I wrote about Soul Mates


I submitted a guest blog post! Check it out on the Single Dating Diva: What It’s Like When You Finally Meet THE ONE. … [Read more...]

Clothed is the New Naked

Downton Abbey - They know the value of a good coat

That's right, cover it up! Fall is here and, suddenly, bare skin is just so yesterday. Those legs beg to be encased in thick denim and the entire body yearns to be wrapped in something warm and, preferably, dark. What once seemed playful, a pink bra strap peeking out, say, or a sliver of visible skin … [Read more...]

Hello Emptiness: A Farewell to Stuff

The book Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life… one of the reasons for my new ocean coloured living room!

"Having enough, but not too much, because too much always leads to wanting more." -Kristen Hedges. Nothing makes a chic consider her possessions and bank account like buying a house and then having to move ALL of her crap into said house. Oh, and then buying a car to get to and from the village with the house in it! Of course, I did not do this alone and so I've also had to consider Le Monsieur's stuff and financials as well. That's a lot of brain power going to areas that aren't always inspiring … [Read more...]

City Girl Goes Country

I'm going to be a country gal with tangerine lipstick, just like Marilyn

This city girl is taking leave of such amenities as public transit, city water, and cable internet and she's headed for the hills. After years of inner-city life, I'm off to a village not too far away. There will still be near daily visits to the downtown for work, but home will consist of such previously unheard of elements as an acre and half of land and a 2-car garage. It all lies ahead in the mysterious unknown. Of course … [Read more...]

Women’s Shoes for Beginners

Stacked kitten peep-toe Miz Mooz heels in yellow and white to match my accordion

I saw a pair of shoes during a coffee break last week that made me stop mid-sentence and announce that I was having a shoegasm. They were pink and red colour-blocked suede pumps. The lady wearing them had on a black and white dress, but that’s really all I can tell you about her, focused as I was on the area south of her ankles. My [female] colleague concurred – fabulous shoes. … [Read more...]


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